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Basic Services

  • Assistance in the initial set-up of the full set of accounting books and records system (chart of accounts, accounting policy, software, etc.).

  • Monthly accounting and bookkeeping services.

  • Maintenance of the fixed assets, depreciation, and accruals etc accounts.

  • Compilation of management accounts.

  • Preparation of annual financial statements.

  • Monthly, Quaterly and Annual Financial Reports.

  • Annual audit assistance (not the auditor, but a role of providing audit required documents and support).

  • Registration of accounting system with the in-charge finance bureau.

  • Bilingual General Ledger/Bookkeeping Service.

  • SAFE declaration for the fund from Overseas.

Upgrade Services

  • Virtual CFO or Finance Manager.

  • Accounting review and advisory services.

  • Accounting reconciliation service.

  • Issuance of VAT invoices.

  • Co-sourcing services.

  • Cashier management services.

  • Account review and reorganisation for pre-IPO or deal preparation.

  • Liquidation financial support.

  • GAAP conversion services.

Basic Services


  • Acting as clients' tax agency and consultancy, preparation, filling and submit Monthly and Quarterly Taxes.

  • Tax planning and advice on tax matters for companies and individuals to minimize their tax liabilities legally.

  • Estate duty and stamp duty planning.

  • Preparation and filing of Property Tax Return.

  • Corporate Incomer Tax annual filling.

  • Statutory Annual Joint Inspection / Customs Inspection / Financial Reports in the JiuQi software.

  • SAIC Publicity (on line report).

Upgrade Services

  • Annual Tax Health Check

  • Tax Audit Defense

  • Tax & Finance Due Diligence before M&A 

  • Tax planning for M&A deals

  • Tax Review for M&A contracts 

  • Calculation for the relevant tax and filings fulfillment for M&A.

  • Preparation and submission of documents for special M&A filings

  • Tax planning after M&A, and advisory on post deal restructure of business model 


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